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Wilding Cider Table Perry 2021 75cl 6.4%

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Still Medium Dry Fine Perry

An orchard blend made from an array of many different and historic perry pear varieties. Ideal for being enjoyed at the table side with food and company.

This perry comes from 2021 which was a light crop of pears but the quality was excellent. The blend of eleven varieties are all from the Perry House Farm orchard, co fermented in stainless steel and bottled in the following spring, still and with slight residual sugar. The residual sugar and acidity are well balanced it is very drinkable.

Soft and full bodied with pretty acidity and a little residual sugar. Low tannin. Classic perry aromas of elderflower, citrus, berry fruits, tropical fruit, a little marzipan and dates. Alc. 6.4%.

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