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Gran Cerdo Tempranillo 2019

Producer Gonzalo Grijalba's table wine from the Rioja region using 100% Tempranillo grapes is created in a simple, juicy unoaked style. Fruit is souced from from 4.5 hectares of 35 year-old de-classified Rioja vines.

The approach is very much low intervention with whole bunch fermentation, no fining/filtration, no stabilization and minimal sulphur useage at bottling stage only. It's a wine which represents excellent value for money in this style.

On the nose there is red fruit and cassis with a certain earthiness. The palette is very juicy, and fruit forward given the lack of oak influence. Finish is medium and fresh, leaving the drinker wanting another gulp. Its a very approachable medium bodied red wine to drink right away.

Pair with roast chicken, chorizo, grilled aubergine.

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