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Garage Wine Co. Single Ferment Series '215 BC Ferment' Pais, Maule Valley, 2020

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The Garage Wine Co. are an amazing inclusive, ethical wine producer from Chile who are reviving and co-operating with scores of farmers in Maule and Itata. In their words - 'We have raised a veritable posse of vineyard hands whose skills are working the vineyards the old way / the traditional way– originario. We cultivate vineyards with small vigneron partners who work with horse and plough as his family has done for generations. Some of the parcels, where the next generation moved to the city, we have opted to rent long-term creating more work for the local hands who do want to stay on the farm.'

All the wines are made by hand with native yeasts in small tanks, punched down manually and pressed out in a small basket press. GWCo is still very much a DIY operation and still tow much of the crop back to the winery in trailers behind trusty pickup trucks 2,000 kilos at a time.

Single ferment series wines include fruit from one or more parcels or vineyards co-fermented. The Pais for this wine comes from 4 farms on hillsides near Sauzal, Puico Bajo, Alto & Truquilemu all were fermented with native yeasts, each crop added to the fermenter when the grapes were ready.

This is a wine to be drunk young but can age for 5 years or a little more. Darker and more serious than many Pais this has complexity and depth, ripe flavours and round tannins with no rusticity.

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