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Domaine de la Berangeraie Cuvee Maurin, Cahors, 2019

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Dynamic doesn't quite go far enough to describe the Bérenger's work. In the vineyards they plough, leaf-thin and debud to produce low yields. They are also one of the only domaines in Cahors where all the vines are hand-harvested. Hand-harvesting is four times more expensive than machine harvesting, but it prolongs the life of the vine and is the only way to ensure the quality of every grape that goes into the fermentation vat.

The vines for Maurin are planted in siderolithique soil (clay and sandstone with a high iron content). Exceptional wine made from 100% pure malbec, this has a deep, almost black cherry colour. The long cuvaison lends structure, with fruit more redolent of figs/prunes, a touch of menthol and tobacco aromas and spice on the finish.

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