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Batlliu de Sort Biu Negre, Costers del Segre 2020

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The winery of Bodegas Batlliu de Sort is located within the sprawling appellation of Costers del Segre in Catalonia. Their vineyards lie to the North in the Pallars sub-appellation, an area of great beauty at a raised altitude of 850m above sea level. This is 'mountain' wine from the high Pyrennes.

Their philosophy is to respect the land and reflect it honestly in their winemaking with minimal manipulation, a true expression of the Pyrennes.

100% Pinot Noir. Uncertified organic practice, using stainless steel throughout.

The first Pinot Noir vines were planted by the Bodega in 2007 on calcareous soils. An unusual choice perhaps, for what is a more southerly and warmer wine region. But the high altitude provides a cooler environment where these Pinot vines thrive. Note that they are also able to successfully grow Riesling here.

Biu Negre is lean and elegant, a lighter more fruit forward style. Strawberry, raspberry, orange zest on the nose. A hint of pepper spice and dried herbs to complement this on the palette. Overall a fresh, vibrant wine with great purity given use of stainless steel throughout the winemaking process.

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