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Akarregi Txiki Txakoli Blanco 2022

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This Basque speciality is made in Getariako Txakolina, one of the three Txakoli DOs, based, as the name indicates, around the town of Getaria. The winery was set up in 1996, early in Txakoli's re-birth, the wine having almost died out by the mid 80s.

 Made from 95% Hondarrabi Zuri and 5% Hondarrabi Beltz it is fermented in stainless steel for 3 months and designed to be drunk young. A deliciously zesty wine, with the famous gentle sparkle (pour from a great height through the specially designed cork for full authenticity) it is full of refreshing citrus, cucumber, white melon and herbal notes. 

It is almost a crime not to drink this with some delicious seafood....

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