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Stunning new wines for August

It's August, the days are getting shorter but we are still hopeful of some warm sunny days - and lots more wine drinking. We have a great new selection for you to try, covering lots of styles, from a Languedoc red to an old-vine Chilean Carignan to a fresh and zesty Riesling and a classic Sancerre. But it's not just great wines - we also have an amazing new tequila from Mexico to try. All of these wines offer some great value for money. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

 Mas de Caprices Ze Fitou, £21
Mas de Caprices Ze Fitou,. Photo by Marcel GrossLovely fresh style of Fitou, made with Organic/Biodynamic grapes and no oak. The lack of oak enables the fruit flavours of the Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre blend to really shine. Lots of juicy black fruit with typical garrigue herb, meat hints - really lively and vibrant. Languedoc-Roussillon wine which would be a match for beef or veal.
Garage Wine Co, Old Vine Carignan, Maule Valley, 2018, £25
Garage Wine Co, Old Vine Carignan, Maule Valley, 2018, Photo by Roberta Sorge on UnsplashSoft strawberry-flavoued wine, really gentle and soft, like a cloud of fruit. Predominantly Carignan with Grenache and Cinsault. Farmed by hand and horse, the grapes are fermented with native yeasts, hand punched and pressed, before barrel ageing over two winters.
Seckinger, Riesling, 'Vom Loss', Pfalz, 2019, £14
Seckinger, Riesling, 'Vom Loss', Pfalz, Photo by Christine Isakzhanova on UnsplashReally tangy lemon/lime, almost Sprite-like, then lots of mouth coating. Riesling vom Löss offers value for money, with flavours of almond, lemon, Granny Smith. Firm and with a light, stony flavour.
Mastroberardino, Fiano di Avellino, 2019, £20

Mastroberardino, Fiano di Avellino. Photo by Mathilde Langevin on UnsplashCreamy herb/peach/lychee nose, then lots of stewed apple in the mouth. Made from the Fiano di Avellino grape by Massimo Di Renzo. The Mastroberardino family has revived the Fiano grape into a world-class white wine. Vines were traditionally found near hazelnut orchards, which has seemingly influenced the grape’s flavour profile. However, it is in the town of Avellino where the Fiano grape produces its most mineral-driven wines with long aging potential like this one.

Alphonse Mellot, Sancerre, La Moussiere, 2020, £31
Alphonse Mellot, Sancerre, La Moussiere, Photo by Katarzyna Pracuch on UnsplashCool, crystalline lemon, lots of leesy, pithy concentration and honeyed flavour. The standard-bearer for Loire wine. With its fruity, citrusy and white flower aromas, and its exceptional length, this is a must-have Sauvignon Blanc. Great with goat's cheese or shellfish.
Porfidio Plata, Jalisco, 70cl, £70
Porfidio Plata, Jalisco. Photo by Regis-Hari Bouchard on UnsplashPorfidio was established in 1991 by Martin Grassl. Distilled from the highest quality blue Agave within the State of Jalisco, Porfidio is unique: it is not merely tequila, but a super-premium spirit with a range of specialist brands produced in limited quantities. Undiscovered by the general public, Porfidio’s unique bottles have obtained cult status amongst tequila collectors and aficionados. The spirit is triple distilled and then bottled immediately to preserve its purity.
Hudelot Noellat Bourgogne Passetoutgrains 2017, £21.99
Hudelot Noellat Bourgogne Passetoutgrains 2017, £21.99 Photo by Євгенія Височина on UnsplashA blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, with notes of stawberry, raspberry, blueberry and some oak. Goes really well with venison, poultry and beef.

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