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Euro 2020 – our wines are coming home

 After a year’s delay the quadrennial euro football jamboree is now upon us, and the country is preparing for a month of pint-throwing goal celebrations before the inevitable bitter disappointment arrives when England crash out. However, if taking a beer shower in Wembley Boxpark is not number 1 on your list of ways to get involved in Euro 2020..2021? why not join us and celebrate the tournament with some of the great wines of Europe?

At the Salusbury Winestore we are getting into the spirit of the Euros (2020.5?) by giving you the chance to snag some great discounts off our superb selection of European wines throughout the tournament.
Collection of five European wines wearing their country's flags
Our plan is that every day we will pick one match and a bottle to represent each of the competing countries. These will be 10% off throughout the day. The tournament starts on Friday June 11 with Italy v Turkey, and our starting offer will be the Elio Grasso Langhe Nebbiolo 2019. Sadly, we don’t have any Turkish wine at the moment so in the spirit of international harmony we will be offering 10% off the delicious Pheasant's Tears Saperavi, which is actually from Georgia.

This will then continue throughout the group stages. Check our Instagram for each day’s special offers.

But the winning doesn’t stop here. You have a chance to pick up a fantastic prize by simply selecting the team you think will win the tournament. Every time you come into the store to make a purchase just write down your predicted winner on your receipt and put it in our pot. At the end of the tournament the winning ticket will get a selection of wines from the triumphant country. You can have as many entries as you like but you must make a purchase to enter each time.

So, get your thinking head on and decide who you will pick. Will it be the ever-under-achieving England, given a fresh look by the admirable Gareth Southgate and with exciting talents in Phil Foden and Mason Mount? If England do bring the Henri Delaunay trophy home it will be good news for one lucky winner, given our great selection of English sparklers and whites – our Court Garden Vineyard & Winery 'Classic Cuvee' Brut, East Sussex, is a particular favourite.

Or will you pick France, with class all over the pitch and Karim Benzema the star player? Runners up five years ago, if France do win you will have a chance to win a superb selection of wines. France v Germany on June 15 will be a particular highlight, for football fans and wine connoisseurs, and you could watch it with a glass of Schloss Lieser, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Kabinett.

If it’s Belgium then we will offer a selection of their world-class beers. They could well do it, as they have Kevin de Bruyne, one of the best players in the world. Our Lambiek Fabriek, Black Belle is one of our best sellers.

You can't ignore Portugal when they are the holders, especially with Cristiano Ronaldo in the side. Just think of the great Portuguese reds and ports we have to offer, including the delicious Portugal Boutique Boina Red Douro 2018.

If you’re a big fan of Italian wines Roberto Mancini has them playing well, and not like Italian teams of the past, they are far more attacking. We obviously have a wide selection of Italian reds and whites – they would be a popular winner.

But it’s not just the obvious wine-producing countries either. Did you know we have a gorgeous Danish dessert wine for example, the Frederiksdal Vin af Kirsebaer.

Sweden may be outsiders but we have their amazing Brannland 'Iscider' Cider, the ultimate expression of Swedish apples in liquid form.

We also have gins, vodkas and whiskies from Russia and Wales. So almost every country (we are still searching for a great North Macedonian red) offers the drinker some discounts as well as a feast of football.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter throughout the tournament for details of these offers and much more...


Here are our matches of the day:
  • Friday June 11: Turkey v Italy, 8pm
  • Sat 12 June: Belgium v Russia , 8pm
  • Sunday 13 June: England v Croatia, 2pm
  • Monday June 14: Spain v Sweden, 8pm
  • Tuesday June 15: France v Germany, 8pm
  • Weds June 16: Italy v Switzerland, 8pm
  • Thursday June 17: Denmark v Belgium, 5pm
  • Friday June 18: England v Scotland, 8pm
  • Saturday June 19: Portugal v Germany, 5pm
  • Sunday June 20: Italy v Wales, 5pm

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