Wine and Scent Tasting with Olfactive O 22nd September

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Do you like wine? Do you like perfume? Then this is for you! Your personality is made up of many facets, and the fragrance you wear and the wine you drink play a large part in this – with both having a unique balance of delicate notes at top, middle and base. They are the perfect sensory pairing. 


So together The Salusbury Winestore and Olfactive O Parfums are joining up to take you on an adventure through a specially designed perfume and wine-pairing evening to learn which scents suit your personality and which wines match. You will sample a selection of exquisite fragrances to complement the notes and flavours of each glass of wine tasted. You'll gain a detailed understanding of which scent notes and fragrance families suit who you are; which perfumes to wear to enhance your unique personality. 


The evening will be led by Tom the resident Wine Expert and Olivia, the founder of Olfactive O, who creates scents specially designed for everyone’s unique personality.  At the end you will take home a sample vial of the fragrance that you feel most complements you.  Only 14 tickets available so book early to avoid disappointment.
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