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Meo-Camuzet Marsannay 2012

Another 'star' of Burgundy with a rich and long history, though the domaine of Meo-Camuzet surprisingly would lease out vineyards and sell off their fruit to négociants in bulk up right until 1988. A domaine notable also for the involvement of Henri Jayer from as far back as the 1940's.

Organic practice for large percentage of the domaine sites, uncertified.

For this village level Marsannay bottling, vineyard plots are situated in the lieu-dit "la Varangée” in Couchey. It is a late-ripening site. Sometimes these grapes are supplemented with other fruit, particularly from "les Récilles” situated in the centre of the appellation and providing riper grapes. Vines in "la Varangée” are about twenty years old.

The wine is characterised by its freshness, and the remarkable presence of aromas. A fine consistency, too, which contributes to the balance of the wine and its great drinkability.