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Marsilea Bobal, Valencia 2018

Marsilea is a young winery focused upon producing organic single varietal wines, including this 100% Bobal red.

Bobal is heavily planted in Spain, though traditionally has been used only as a minor blending partner for more popular grape varieties. It's thick skins, resistance to drought and late flowering have made it a mainstay in the areas around Valencia, Murcia and Alicante.

Here Marsilea elevate Bobal to a starring role with a juicy, fruit forward bottle from older vines located on higher vineyard sites of around 800m above sea level.

In the glass the wine is of a deep hued purple. This due to Bobal's thick skins possessing a high amount of anthocyanins (pigment). The nose delivers up an intense combination of plum, cassis and prune along with violets and spice. These notes follow on the palette and are framed by grippy tannic structure – another result of those thick skins. The wine has seen no oak treatment allowing the fruit character to shine through.

Serve with steak, beef ragu, chorizo sausage, roasted Mediterranean vegetables.