Eugenio Rosi 'Poiema' Vallagarina IGT, Trentino-Alto Adige 2016

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Eugenio Rosi has a considerable reputation for his use of the rare Marzemino grape.

Marzemino is a late-ripening, dark-skinned grape variety grown mainly in Trentino-Alto Adige. Euginio has his Marzemino vineyards in Volano – considered a top cru site in southern Trentino.

Generally not used in single varietal wines, Marzemino is perhaps best known as the grape for sweet passito wines (Colli di Conegliano Refrontolo) or in blended table wines. Here though this grape is the star of the show.

Eugino champions sustainable production methods. In the vineyard he uses only natural treatments with little use of sulfur and copper, and favours a long hang time for his Marzemino grapes. A key part of his production method for this wine involves drying a proportion (30%) of the harvested grapes, as with Amarone. After a drying period of 15–25 days, these grapes are reintronduced to regular fermenting wine in order to increase sugar levels and ripeness.

A pleasing nose of fresh, crunchy red fruits. On the palate flavours of ripe cherry, raspberry, violet, almonds and light notes of tobacco. The wine is rich and full on the palate, dry and with pleasant silky tannins. The drying of grapes gives the wine a wonderful concentrated backbone, yet still shows elegance and lift. An unusual Italian grape varietal, and well worth considering.

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