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Philippe Balivet Bugey-Cerdon Demi-Sec, Savoie NV

Philippe Balivet and his family are one of a handful of organic growers in this little known appellation in the foothills of the Alps, northeast of Lyon. These semi-sweet sparkling wines made in the method ancestrale (rather than the methode champenoise) are a delicious speciality of the area. The difference is that unlike the champenoise method the wines do not receive a dosage. Instead they undergo primary fermentation until reaching around 6% alcohol. Then the wine is bottled and continues to ferment until reaching 8% leaving a delicious residue of sugar and a refreshing effervesence.

 A blend of Gamay and Ploussard the wine is ripe with juicy, crisp strawberry and cherry flavours, the sweetness balanced by some good acidity and lovely herbal flavours.   

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